Meleklerevi Cave Hotel

MELEKLEREVİ (The house of angels)
Interior Designer Arzu Yüksel and Architect Muammer Erinal have put their signatures on numerous interior design projects through their own firm that they established in Istanbul over 25 years ago.
Since 2003, they have been working to gain permits to rebuild this stone cave house in the heart of
Cappadocia and turn it into a boutique hotel.
In addition to the development and restoration of the House of Angels, they have been working with senior architect Muammer Unlusoy on various other restoration projects.
They share their dream with their two daughters, Ada and Iris.

“Happiness is on the road that is walked, not in what is at the end of it,
The time to be happy is today, not tomorrow.
A smart person is the one that would not get upset for the things that he doesn’t have,
He knows the value of his belongings and is satisfied.”

The philosopher Epictetus